New Home Owners
      Preparing to Close Your Home

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The following are a set of suggested reminders as you prepare to close your manufactured home for the summer.

1. Flush toilets multiple times to clear sewer line.
2. Turn off the taps in both bathrooms - toilets as well as sinks.
3. Turn off taps to kitchen sink and to the dishwasher.
4. Clean refrigerator, freezer, and stove. Lease doors ajar.
5. Put saran wrap over toilet bowls and toilet tanks.
6. Disconnect propane tank from BBQ and put plastic plug over threaded pipe.
7. Set thermostat at 80 and humidistat at 50. Set thermostat to automatic and cool.
8. Apply car wax to new washers & dryers. Open washer and dryer doors.
9. Close all south and west facing blinds and curtains.
10. Cover furniture and lamps.
11. Open cabinet drawers and closets to let air circulate.
12. Leave clean bags in vacuum cleaner(s).
13. Disconnect cable from TV and stereo systems.
14. Unplug TV's, radios, and all appliances.
15. Turn off hot water heater and turn off tap for incoming water.
16. Turn water off at outside valve and remove handle. CCU can turn off at meter.
17. Turn off circuit breakers to house except for a/c unit and alarm system.
18. Turn off power to shed.
19. Remove batteries from remotes, clocks, flashlights, etc.
20. Clean or replace a/c air filter.
21. Coat garbage disposal with vegetable oil.
22. Clean bicycles and turn them upside down in shed or house.
23. Lock all windows in the air conditioned section of home.
24. Open two lanai windows 1" when area is not air conditioned.
25. Leave shed window ajar.
26. Turn off the taps to the washer in shed and unplug washer and dryer.
27. Lock shed.
28. Put lanai furniture inside the air conditioned home.
29. Clean gutters.
30. Leave nothing outside that could become a flying object in a hurricane or storm.
31. Remove all fruit from citrus trees.
32. Ask a neighbor, friend, or other person to check home weekly or after a storm.