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Trash is separated into recyclable, non recyclable and yard waste items and should be put out no earlier than Thursday morning for pickup on Friday.

Yard Waste. Large trimmings must be cut into 6 ft lengths and may be placed curbside as is. Smaller trimmings must be placed in appropriately labeled receptacle(s) or paper yard bag(s) before being placed curbside. Call 941-764-4380 for more information.

Recyclable Items include newspapers, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and containers (with caps removed), glass bottles and jars (caps removed), dairy and juice containers and cans. These are processed as single stream and all can be placed in the Cart with the orange lid. Note: See list of exclusions printed on lid and see more info on Note 3 below.

Garbage is what's left and goes in the Cart with the green lid. Whereever possible you should help reduce your garbage by following the information below.

Old clothing: Old clothing that is still good may be deposited in the Red Cross Drop Box at the Maple Leaf Ramparts Center. Salvagable cloth can be taken to the Mid County Mini Transfer and Recycling Facility.

Other items: Other items that are nearly new should be recycled by following section 26 of the home page (Press Back at the top of this page).

Plastic shopping bags. You may not put old shopping bags in the Recycle Cart. Rather than place them in the Garbage Cart, you may take them to the inside entrances of Winn-Dixie, Publix or Wal-Mart where they have bins for recycling shopping bags (from any store). Also, most stores will let you bring your own cloth bags. So bring your cloth bags with you and give them to the bagging person and they will use your cloth bags.

Go Green. Always look for ways to avoid putting things in the Garbage. Don't throw out anything that can be recycled. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!  GO GREEN it's good for us all!

Note 1. Aluminum cans should be put out on Tuesday nights for pickup by the Fire Club on Wednesday mornings. The Fire Club will also pick up old stoves, refrigerators or other appliances, call Don Sabin at 235-2798 for arrangements.

Note 2. The Garbage and Recycle Carts should be placed close to the road with the wheels facing your house with nothing within 5 feet (on either side or behind) to permit pickup by the mechanical arms.

Note 3. Batteries, aerosol cans, paint cans, propane/pressurized tanks, hypodermic needles/syringes, polystyrene (foam products), electronic waste, garden hoses or anything on the Household HazardousWaste List are considered special waste and may be picked up at your curb as per the instructions on the web site or taken to the Mid County Mini Transfer and Recycling Facility at 19675 Kenilworth Blvd., Port Charlotte. (Note: bring an old hydro bill to show you live here).